Rukazen Experience


It consists of a tour of a private sector of Tebequinche Lagoon, where you can get a purification bath in a private lagoon, where there is the presence of bacteria that allow generating, through the creation of natural antibiotics, healthy reactions in those who immerse themselves in it. . Then you can opt for a massage session where you can choose between hot stones, cranial massage, relaxation, etc. Later a meditation with drum to promote states of full consciousness and finally a rest inside a copper and wood pyramid that aims to enhance our energy fields through the body balance that this element makes in us.

Value: to be agreed depending on the instances of self-care that you wish to access.

Water Route

Located in the heart of the Salar de Atacama, Rukazen creates a space designed to please all people who seek an experience of connection with nature, our new “Ancestral Water Route” is designed to give you a maximum relaxation experience in 3 days , where through exercises, massages and healthy eating you can live an unforgettable experience detoxifying your body and enjoying the most beautiful landscapes of San Pedro de Atacama.

Accept the challenge of immersing yourself in these millenary waters

This route is designed both for couples seeking a greater connection with nature and health practices through self-care programs and for companies that seek to give their employees incentive gifts in order to enhance human capital, within the framework of of incentive tourism.


Day 1:

Breakfast at the Lodge
Laguna Cejar and Ojos del Salar, Bioenergetics work and detoxification bath.
Laguna de la Tierra, purification bath
Walk through the tebenquinche lagoon, relaxation massage and harmonic resonance.
Includes healthy cocktail, with local products

Day 2:

Breakfast at the lodge
Laguna Baltinache,
Termas de Puritama
Includes snack

Day 3: Libre.

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Meditation Workshops

Modality: Individual or group
It is practiced in solitude and silence. It trains us for when we interact with others, it teaches us to be present, to open ourselves to the different experiences of life with acceptance. It is a type of meditation that is achieved by working by means of simple methods and at the same time that they can be used effectively and carried wherever one goes.

Respiratory modulation
Dichotomy, perception-thought
Effects of limited consciousness
Experiences active and passive meditation.

MINDFULNESS, Individual or Group.

Training in a special type of attention that allows not to be trapped by external events. This practice is known as mindfulness or mindfulness.

Respiratory modulation
Focused perception
Migration of attention
Conscious delay of habits and reactions
Learning to accompany others without losing oneself
Recognize emotional traps.

Mystic, Individual or Group Workshop

Modality of work focused on the exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness through different experiences of ancestral origin.

Hikes of plenitude
Sun meditation
Language of the wind
Work with archetypes, projective tarot
Work with pyramid, trance and meditation


Practice focused on the senses, as a portal to the present.

Respiratory modulation
The senses as the center of gravity of consciousness
Sensory experiences to be in the present


Massage focused on pressure, kneading the muscles and elongation of the same by both parts of the body, including feet and head. Along with the massage music intervenes, with instruments of indigenous origin and vocal songs, destined to promote altered states of consciousness, which allows physical and mental renewal.

Cranial massage

This massage is known as “CHAMPI”, which means friction, rubbing or pressure. It focuses on the upper part of the shoulders, the neck, the scalp and the face, formed by pressure, percussion and friction on these areas, which act favorably on the nervous system. It combines energetic and physical aspects, mainly focused on the central nervous system in order to relax the whole body, while mobilizing the cerebrospinal fluid and activating the displacement of blood and lymph.